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FARMTRAC , a proven name in tractor technology,  now available @ Superior Outdoor Supply

We have in stock two models of FARMTRAC Tractors, 60HP and 75HP.  4 Wheel Drive with Loader. Available for purchase now! For more information, visit this FARMTRAC LINK.

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” I bought the Mancini 360 in September. In less than a

month, I harvested a doe and a 10 point buck. The

mancini 360 is by far my favorite stand. Being able to

rotate in the stand is a plus when the deer is behind you.

You have a shooting rest any way you turn. I highly

recommend the Mancini 360, you will never want any

other stand. “

                           Bill Trentham


Mancini 360 Page for more about this unique stand!!


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Hi Rise Hunter! A unique Hunting Stand.

Hi Rise Hunter! A unique Hunting Stand.